Karthik Yearning Deep Learning

List of AI Research Projects at Stanford.MIT.CMU


  1. Intelligent wearable Robotics

  2. Safe feedback interactions in human autonomous vehicle systems

  3. Detailed understanding of human actions and behavior for smart vehicles

  4. Human centric autonomous and assistive driving

  5. Understanding driver state in laboratory and naturalistic environments

  6. Human behaviors and interaction for in car experiences


  1. Artificial intelligence senses people through walls

  2. Better models ride sharing

  3. Distributed robotics laboratory

  4. Automatic speech recognition

  5. Bayesian optimization global optimization expensive black box functions

  6. Cardiac mri analysis

  7. Chest x-ray analysis

  8. Clinical neuro imaging

  9. Community question answering

  10. Crossing vision language boundary

  11. Fact checking and reasoning

  12. Geometry large scale machine learning

  13. Health related biomarkers speech

  14. Robust optimization machine learning and data mining

  15. Toward using virtual identities computer science learning broadening participation

  16. Understanding language representations deep learning models

  17. Using computers eat healthier


  1. Flexible learning natural language

  2. Unsupervised transcription early

  3. Data driven computational models

  4. Big multilinguality data driven

  5. Fudg framework syntactic annotation

  6. Adaptive traffic light signalization

  7. Adaptive traffic light signalization

  8. Asap

  9. Autonomous driving motion planning/

  10. Automated reverse engineering of buildings/

  11. Assistive robots for blind travelers

  12. Autonomous mobile assembly

  13. Autonomous vehicle health monitoring

  14. Autonomous vehicle safety verification/

  15. Autonomous vineyard canopy and yield estimation/

  16. Biodegradable electronics

  17. Biomems

  18. Bioprinting

  19. Blood plasma based bioplastics

  20. Chiara

  21. Comprehensive automation for specialty crops

  22. Computer assisted medical instrument navigation

  23. Context based recognition of building components

  24. Hot flash detection

  25. Human robot interaction

  26. Helicopter obstacle avoidance and landing

  27. Indoor flight in degraded visual environments

  28. Navpal

  29. Modular snake robots

  30. Robust autonomous freeway-driving-behaviors

  31. Robotic perception for underground rescue

  32. Vehicle localization in naturally varying environments

  33. Tree inventory

  34. The aerial robotic infrastructure analyst aria

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