Karthik Yearning Deep Learning

AI @ fb

  1. From Satellite Imagery to Disaster Insights
  2. Large-Scale Visual Relationship Understanding

  3. Spatially Invariant Unsupervised Object Detection with Convolutional Neural Networks
  4. SGD Implicitly Regularizes Generalization Error
  5. Rethinking floating point for deep learning
  6. A2 -Nets: Double Attention Networks
  7. Explore-Exploit: A Framework for Interactive and Online Learning
  8. Fighting Boredom in Recommender Systems with Linear Reinforcement Learning
  9. Temporal Regularization in Markov Decision Process
  10. Do explanations make VQA models more predictable to a human?
  11. AnoGen: Deep Anomaly Generator
  12. Horizon: Facebook’s Open Source Applied Reinforcement Learning Platform
  13. How agents see things: On visual representations in an emergent language game
  14. Non-Adversarial Unsupervised Word Translation
  15. A Dataset for Telling the Stories of Social Media Videos


Facebook AI research

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