Karthik Yearning Deep Learning

AI @ Cornell

Research Group

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Robotics
  3. Vision



Recognition, Image Matching and Image Databases

  1. Object Recognition using the Hausdorff Distance
  2. Spatially Coherent Matching and Bayesian Recognition
  3. Flexible Object Recognition
Motion, Stereo and Segmentation

  1. Image Segmentation using Local Variation
  2. Markov Random Fields with Efficient Approximations
  3. Model Based Motion Tracking
Machine Vision Applications

  1. Aerial Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  2. Model Based Tracking in Quasi-Real Time
  3. Detection and Long Term Tracking of Moving Objects in Aerial Video
  4. DigiPaper Document Image Compression


  1. Cornell Working Papers in Linguistics
  2. Semantic and Linguistic Theory Archives (SALT)
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